"I had a lot of health issues, including fibromyalgia.  I could hardly move my neck.  Everything ached.  If I sat down too long, it was hard to get out of the chair.  It was very paintful.

"I also had chronic digestive issues, major bloating, chronic constipation, boils all over my back, acne, and headaches.  Every time I ate, I felt sick.  My stomach always hurt.  I never got checked for Crohn's disease, but there's a good chance it could have developed into that.  It was bad. 

"I have eight children and I had a really hard time each pregnancy.  After 20 weeks, I would start going into labor and the doctors had to do a lot of things to delay delivery.  Then after my children were born, quite a few of them also had health issues.  Right before I started out with my last pregnancy, I met with an expert about the 90 Essential Nutrients formula and started taking it. 

"When I reached 20 weeks, I started having the same problems  I was told that I needed more calcium.  I didn't realize how deficient I was.  It was then that I realized that was why my kids have the problems they do.  I started taking the formula very heavily.  I took 4 ounces of calcium a day and I carried full term.  My daughter is the healthiest of my children, and I attribute that to the formula.  She's been using it from the time she was born.

"By removing gluten from my diet and taking the formula, my health improved.  Within a few weeks, all of my problems were gone.  I didn't bloat every time I ate.  The acne and boils went away.  And little by little, the fibromyalgia went away.  It probably took about six months, but I don't have joint pain anymore.  If I miss a couple of days on the formula, the problems come right back.  As long as I'm taking the formula, my health is fine.  I'm definitely 100 percent better than I was three years ago.

"My whole life has changed because of the formula.  It's given me my health back.  It's given me hope, and gave my kids their mom back.  It has given me a whole new outlook on life, and I wouldn't trade it for the world."