"I was introduced to cetyl myristoleate* at a natural medicine exposition, where another new York doctor explained the medicine and offered specific results from patients as proof.  Because I was present at the exposition to hear many of his patients' testimonies, I thought it would be worth trying for several of my patients suffering from arthritis and osteoarthritis.

"I found cetyl myristoleate to be better than anything else my patients have tried.  I have actual testimonies from people who have taken it and had a positive reaction.

"I currently have three patients who are, or were, suffering from arthritis.  One woman had arthritis in her knees and was in so much pain from the swelling that she couldn't walk without the help of a cane.  We tried acupuncture, but the results were slow and varied.

"After going to the natural medicine exposition, I decided to have her try cetyl myristoleate.  The results were amazing.  Within two days she called us and said the swelling was almost gone.  By the third day she was ecstatic.  The swelling was completely gone and she could walk with the help of her cane.  We had her continue the treatment as recommended.  She is doing a lot better in every way.

"Another woman, who was being treated for arthritis in her right hand, reported that she was feeling a lot better after five days.  After she took cetyl myristoleate, she came back for some tests and could easily use her right hand and had better circulation than ever before.

"Right now we are trying cetyl myristoleate on a gentleman who is suffering from arthritis related to Parkinson's disease.  We had also tried acupuncture on him, but we were getting very slow results.  He has reported that he feels much better and is seeing more progress in his rehabilitation.

"I think cetyl myristoleate is very helpful for those suffering from swelling disease such as arthritis and other diseases such as lupus and MS.  And then the product is guaranteed to work, it must be good.

"My three patients that I've had use cetyl myristoleate have gotten better.  I have great confidence in this product, not only because it is a natural product, but also because I've seen the results in my patients' progress."

ES, N.D., has more than 20 years experience with natural medicines and acupuncture.

* Cetyl myristoleate is an ingredient in the Ultimate CM Cream.