"I was diagnosed with bipolar disorder, major anxiety and depression more than three years ago.  I would have manic episodes where I wasn't sleeping, and I would literally be awake for two to four days.  My body would then crash and I would be in bed for days, if not weeks.  I couldn't go outside of the house to get the mail, let alone function in society.

"I was in and out of the hospital every two to three months.  I was on so many different medications, it made me feel like a zombie.

"I have two young children and they were trying to deal with the fact that I couldn't function.  My husband and kids were constantly on edge, afraid of what they would find.  During one stay in the hospital, the doctors told my husband that there wasn't much more they could do for me short of committing me to a full-time psychiatric hospital.

"Then about a year ago, I met someone who knew a doctor who could help me.  I was reluctant to contact him, but my husband reminded me that we had nothing to lose at that point.  I was introduced to the 90 Essential Nutrients formula by that doctor  After using the formula for two weeks, I stopped taking my narcotic sleeping pills.   After three months, I cut my medications in half.  I was feeling great.

"I've been on the formula for a year now.  My psychiatrist recently took me off all of my medications.  A year ago, they wanted to commit me and now I'm off all of my meds!

"It is all because of the formula.  I take it throughout the day.  It makes a huge difference.  My husband finally  has his wife back and my kids are glad that their mom is back.  My day-to-day life is a complete turnaround compared to before.  The formula really has changed everything.

"Give the formula a try.  What can it hurt?  You have to weigh what you're spending on prescription medications versus what you would spend to get your health back.  I wouldn't trade the formula and my improved health for anything in the world?"