I Had Two Months

to Live

Seven years ago, I was told that I only had two months to live. I had two brain tumors and was treated with chemotherapy and radiation, which left my head numb and deteriorated my eyesight. I lost hearing in my right ear. The treatments burned my sinuses and nasal passages, and my breathing was shallow. Some foods would cause seizures.

The side effects were worse than the disease. I sat at home under a blanket like a depressed vegetable. I had no balance and, when I did get up, I had to walk with a cane. The best I could do was ride a three-wheel bike for one block before returning for a nap.

Within 12 hours of trying the stem cell nutrients, my vision got sharper, and in a week or so, 80 percent of my eyesight returned.

My cataract disappeared. I could breathe again. I regained 50 percent of my hearing and my strength increased dramatically.

Soon, I was riding my bike every day for three miles. My doctor said that I had the best MRI that I had had in five years. The stem cell nutrients are a miracle.

Ian S.