"Five years ago, I began experiencing vertigo a couple of times a year.  My mom suffered from vertigo to the point where she was scared to leave the house alone.  Three of my sisters also struggled with it, so it runs in the family.  It would come at any time, and I didn't know what the triggers were.  The doctors checked everything, but didn't know what caused it.  They told me to take a pill when I felt vertigo, but that didn't work.

"My daughter introduced me to the 90 Essential Nutrients formula last summer.  I was panicking because I could feel the vertigo coming back.  I knew I had to start work again in the fall, and I felt I had to be 100 percent better.  I couldn't go through it again.  I started taking the formula and went back to work, and everything was fine.  The vertigo hasn't come back since I started taking the formula."