Lyme Disease Recovery

“The 90 Essential Nutrients helped me recover from injuries due to long-term Lyme disease that my doctors had told me were permanent. I had chronic inflammation and edema throughout my body, particularly in the brain and spinal cord, causing seizure activity and chronic pain. After adopting a wholistic dietary approach, based around avoiding the ’12 Bad Foods,’ adding plenty of high antioxidant organic foods, salt to taste and daily supplementation with the 90 Essential Nutrients, I began to see improvement very quickly.

Within just a few weeks the inflammation had nearly disappeared—I no longer suffered with seizure activity and no longer had to take pain medication (which I was taking on an almost daily basis).  I also lost 25 pounds without even trying.  It was an amazing and miraculous change.  It has been almost two years since starting the full program, and I have not had any seizure activity during that time.  I am not on any prescription medications, and I am deeply grateful for this wonderful change in my health and wellbeing!”