New Hope for Diabetes

I had been taking medication for diabetes and high blood pressure, which had registered at 200 over 100. Even with medication, my blood sugar levels are rarely below 200.

I also felt tired and listless from colitis and Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS). Poor circulation kept my fingers cold all the time. I was feeling miserable, especially since I lost my husband a year ago. I miss him terribly.

The first thing I noticed after starting the stem cell nutrients was that warmth returned to my fingers. I couldn’t believe it. It also alleviated my IBS symptoms, and I’m really excited not to be suffering from colitis.

Now I’m down to once a day on my medication for diabetes, instead of twice. My blood sugar tests are averaging 140 and sometimes as low as the 80s.

I’m no longer taking blood pressure medicine since my reading has dropped to 130 over 80 and my resting pulse is 60. I feel calm and serene, with improved mental clarity. I sleep better, and I have a more positive attitude as a result of taking the stem cell nutrients. I am so grateful!

Leona S.