“Brenda A – I am a medical missionary and a massage therapist.  I work with people around the world who have different diseases.  I was using only natural remedies, such as herbs, hydrotherapy, colonics, and massages, but my patients weren’t experiencing the desired results in their healing.

“A client I’m working with now has Parkinson’s disease.  At first, she wasn’t even having regular bowel movements.  I’d been helping her for six months, but I couldn’t get her tremors to stop.  There were a lot of issues going on with her.

“I found out about the 90 essential nutrients formula, and within one month of when she started using it, her tremors stopped.  Even if they started up, she could control them.  She’s now sleeping deeply, and her bowels are moving nice and gently.

“After two months on the formula, it’s amazing to watch her get around and do her own thing.  She’s walking with her head up, without a cane and without pushing her wheelchair.  I’m just amazed.

“After this, I called all of my former patients, told them about this formula, and sent them samples.  These patients suffered from cancer, diabetes, heart, and liver problems.

“There was another man I had worked with who had Parkinson’s disease, but his condition was a little more advanced.  He was at the point where he couldn’t move.

“Within 10 days of using the formula, he could get up and take a walk around his block.  That’s somethings he hadn’t done in six months.  I was pretty amazed at this formula and what it can do for a person’s body.

“Results happen very, very quickly.  That’s amazing about the formula.  I’ve seen three women who were very overweight.  On the third day of using the formula, their appetites were curbed.  On the fifth day, they noticed that they could eat less and feel full.  The formula is really working.

“I take the formula as well.  I’ve been taking it now for two months, and I notice my sleep has been much deeper and more restful.  That’s something I hadn’t experienced in years.

“I didn’t even know what going into the second stage of REM sleep was like, but now even if I go to bed late because I’m up studying at night, I will sleep so deeply that when I wake up, I think it’s late morning and it’s only 5:30 a.m.  That’s pretty deep sleep.  It’s good to be able to relax when you’re sleeping.

“The formula is not a cure-all, but it works in conjunction with the diet you’re already on.

“A lot of people might not want to change their diets drastically in the beginning, but it still works.  Try it.  You’ll be a believer in less than ten days.  Just try it.”