Skydiving Without Arthritis Pain

"My husband has had arthritis for over 20 years. He didn’t have much cartilage in his right knee, but he refused to have a knee replacement. He said he’d just live with it, but it became pretty bad. A biologist told him not to slow down, or he would become crippled due to the arthritis, so he continued to work hard.

"My husband has also sky dived for more than 50 years. He used to pay people to pack his parachute because it was hard for him to get down on his knees. After a weekend of jumping, he would be hurting and tired. It really took a toll on him.

"My husband and I both started taking the
90 essential nutrients formula about three and half years ago. My husband had almost overnight results. I woke up one morning and my husband was dancing around the room. From that point on, he has not had any arthritis. He can stand and jump up and down like a kid again.

"My husband still skydives, and jumps about a hundred times a year. When he jumps, he does formations with a group of people who are much younger than he is. One day, he packed eight jumping packs, a record for him. Some kids there call him “the animal” now. Nothing slows him down. On top of all that, he has experienced other benefits from the formula. His athlete’s foot, hemorrhoids, and diverticulitis are gone. He also has a lot of energy. He tells everybody that he would never go without taking the formula. He doesn’t want to stop taking the formula, because he doesn’t want the pain to return."