"I had problems with my energy levels because I had mononucleosis.  I was also on medication for narcolepsy (excessive urge to sleep) and sleep apnea.  I was on the maximum dose with the prescriptions I was taking for narcolepsy.

"When I wear myself out, I can sleep for anywhere from 24 to 72 hours.  There was no waking up, no eating dinner, and nothing else.  There have been times when I went to sleep when it was dark outside, and I wouldn't wake up until a night or two later.  I've missed a few days at times because I slept so long.  I've actually had to keep a calendar to find out when I went to sleep and what day it was.

"My mother told me about the 90 essential nutrients formula.  I started taking it abut a year ago, and I now have more energy.  I found that with the right nutrition, I didn't have to be on my medications anymore.  Your body needs supplements and the right nutrition.

"By cutting out extra sugar in my diet and taking the formula, I have lost weight and I have more color in my skin.

"I can now wake up at a fairly decent time.  If I don't take the formula, I don't wake up until the following afternoon.  I have noticed that when I'm taking the formula, I'm not yawning all day and struggling to get through the day.  The formula makes a world of a difference.

"Trying to rebuild your energy without the right nutrition can create problems.  The formula gives your body the right amount of nutrition to manage whatever health concerns are present."

- JC